10 Futurist Phrases And Terms That Are Complete Bullshit

“The evolution of our technologies could result in a future in which our planet is wrecked and depleted, our privacy gone, our civil liberties severely curtailed, and our political, social and economic structures severely altered. So while we should still strive to create the future, we must remember that we’re going to have to adapt to this future.”

10 Futurist Phrases And Terms That Are Complete Bullshit
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Staying Human in the Machine Age: An Interview With Douglas Rushkoff

“As we further integrate with technology, Rushkoff suggests a crossroads may lie ahead: If we don’t begin reprogramming technologies with a different set of values, we may lose the opportunity to take back control — and maybe even lose our humanness itself.”

Staying Human in the Machine Age: An Interview With Douglas Rushkoff
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How technology disrupted the truth - what will we do about the future of media and journalism ??

“I am actively searching through Facebook for people celebrating the Brexit leave victory, but the filter bubble is SO strong, and extends SO far into things like Facebook’s custom search that I can’t find anyone who is happy *despite the fact that over half the country is clearly jubilant today* and despite the fact that I’m *actively* looking to hear what they are saying.

This echo-chamber problem is now SO severe and SO chronic that I can only beg any friends I have who actually work for Facebook and other major social media and technology to urgently tell their leaders that to not act on this problem now is tantamount to actively supporting and funding the tearing apart of the fabric of our societies”

How technology disrupted
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What’s So Special About Finland?

“What Finland and its neighbors do is actually walk the walk of opportunity that America now only talks,” Partanen writes. “It’s a fact: A citizen of Finland, Norway, or Denmark is today much more likely to rise above his or her parents’ socioeconomic status than is a citizen of the United States.” The United States is not Finland. And, in one sense, that’s bad news for America. Numerous studies have shown that there is far greater upward social mobility in Nordic countries than in the United States, partly because of the high level of income inequality in the U.S.”

What’s So Special About Finland?
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Sir Arthur C. Clarke interview

“One of the great tragedies of mankind is that morality has been hijacked by religion. So now people assume that religion and morality have a necessary connection. But the basis of morality is really very simple and doesn't require religion at all. It's this: "Don't do unto anybody else what you wouldn't like to be done to you." It seems to me that that's all there is to it.”

Sir Arthur C. Clarke
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what won’t change in 20 years? Peter Diamandis newsletter

“The six basic human needs include:

1. Certainty: We need assurance that we can avoid pain and gain pleasure

2. Uncertainty/Variety: We have a need for variety, continuous change, and stimulus

3. Significance: We have a need to feel unique, important, and special

4, Connection/Love: We need a strong feeling of connection with people and we need to feel loved

5. Growth: We need to expand each of our own capabilities and capacities

6. Contribution: We need to contribute, and we need a sense of service and focus on giving back.”

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Microsoft’s CEO Explores How Humans and A.I. Can Solve Society’s Challenges—Together?

“Computers may win at games, but imagine what’s possible when human and machine work together to solve society’s greatest challenges like beating disease, ignorance, and poverty.

Doing so, however, requires a bold and ambitious approach that goes beyond anything that can be achieved through incremental improvements to current technology. Now is the time for greater coordination and collaboration on A.I.”

Microsoft’s CEO Explores How Humans and A.I. Can Solve Society’s Challenges—Together
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This is why your fears about artificial intelligence are wrong (really ?)

“We didn't evolve to do mathematics, but our brains can do it," he said. "Imagine you could build a brain that’s a million times faster than a human, never gets tired, and it’s tuned to be a mathematician. We could advance mathematical theories extremely rapidly."”

This is why your fears about artificial intelligence are wrong
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